Friday, May 19, 2017

PERFECT WORLD by Rathbun Elizabeth James


Hello, my name is Arghuthroumundi. I live in a house on a street with trees and lawns and gardens, and I live with Her. She talks out loud all the time and She thinks I don’t understand, but I do. Yesterday She was talking about a Perfect World. Let me tell you about mine.
I have a big, soft, fleecy cushion high on the window sill where I can see into Her garden. She has lots of those big red lilies and some tall spiky blue flowers, but what I like to watch are the little birds out there at the feeder. Actually it tortures me to watch them because my predatory instincts get roused. I follow the birds with my eyes, and my claws begin to go in and out. That’s when I like to jump down and race over to the big chair and scratch with all my strength on the upholstery. She said She didn’t mind. She gave me the chair anyway. Then I eat from a little blue dish in the kitchen, and sometimes there’s milk in the green dish. After that, I sit on the sofa and go to sleep. Sometimes She holds me in her lap and uses a little brush to tease out the fur I shed. I love to be brushed. You see, I’m a little vain about my appearance. I have long golden fur and blue eyes, and She thinks I’m quite handsome. I think so, too.
The most fun I have is when She comes back from shopping. She brings things in brown paper bags, and after emptying them, She puts them on a chair. I love to hide in the bags. I peek out the top to watch, and She pretends not to see me, until it’s time to put the bags away. Then I jump out and run over to my chair and scratch with all my might.
There’s more to my Perfect World, but I don’t have time to write about it all. She’s coming in from the garden now, and I have to sign off. She doesn’t know I can use the computer, and that’s a secret, all part of my Perfect World. Bye now. Love, Argh.

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